Elements | The Nutritional Game-Changer

Elements recently announced a partnership with Whole30. In the announcement, Melissa Hartwig, Whole30’s Co-Founder made the following statement: “Elements are THE missing link in Whole30 on-the-go- meals. They’re totally portable, won’t spoil, and can be whipped up in two minutes flat on a road trip, at the campsite, or in any hotel room.” To help you … Continue reading “Elements | The Nutritional Game-Changer”

The Salt/Sodium Sham

Salt is always in the news. We hear about it and read about it all the time. And everyone has an opinion about it, although those opinions are typically not too helpful. In the end, the whole debate about what is a proper amount of dietary salt and sodium in your meal prep is at best, confusing.

In the end, according to my wide-ranging research, there are some clear principles to understand and some simple concrete steps you can take to ensure you’re using best health practices. In fact, all the research has led me to firmly conclude that, like so many other matters in the area of proper nutrition, much of it is “YOU” dependent.

We are going to address some fundamental questions about salt and sodium, including the following:

1. What is it? (pages 1-2)
2. What are different sources of salt, and is there a best source? (pages 2-4)
3. What are its benefits to human health? (pages 4, 12-20)
4. Why does the US Government regulate sodium? (pages 4-16)
5. What you should know about the recommended daily amounts published by the FDA? (pages 4-16)
6. I lead a very active lifestyle; how much sodium do I need? (pages 12-19)

What about the sodium found in ELEMENTS MEALS? Is it a healthy amount?

Let’s answer this important question here.