How to Avoid the Whole30 FAIL

Hey Whole30-ers! The Holidays are here. That means family, friends, fun … and food.  It also means your January Whole30 is right around the corner! Elements Meals is here to help you prepare now for success in January by avoiding the biggest Whole30 FAIL. At Elements, we’ve been closely working with several of Whole30’s top … Continue reading “How to Avoid the Whole30 FAIL”

Glutathione in foods

May I share a baseline with you?  Here it is:  We compose Elements Meals for very specific reasons.  I mean, we get very specific. Since the inception of Elements over three years ago, my focus has been, and remains, not merely on changing the whole food supply chain, but on the consequences and outcomes of … Continue reading “Glutathione in foods”

Dietary Impacts on Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month.  Sadly, 12.4% of all U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.  Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. Death rates from breast cancer for U.S. women are higher than those of any cancer, besides lung cancer.  … Continue reading “Dietary Impacts on Breast Cancer”

The Benefits of “Inherent Fat” Meals

Last week we got a closer look at our new Elements Meal, Country Herb Chicken. This week, we’re going to get a little closer to our other new Elements Meal … Coconut Mango Chicken. I call this meal an “inherent fat” because all of the critical macronutrients are inherent in the whole food ingredients, i.e. … Continue reading “The Benefits of “Inherent Fat” Meals”

New Meals Focus on “Inherent Fat” Meals

Time to bring you closer in on this new Elements Meal … since we are producing this week and shipping early next week! (We had last minute and unforeseeable USDA hoops to jump through … they’re such a delight to work with … uh, right). I’ve learned first-hand that giving a cumbersome government bureaucracy something … Continue reading “New Meals Focus on “Inherent Fat” Meals”

The Tragic Food Waste Tale

Waste Not, Waist-ful: I’ve been researching food waste for the last 7 months. Time to share a few facts (I’m composing a substantial research paper on this topic that will eventually hit the Elements Blog.) Buckle up. In 1974, the United States per capita food waste was 900 kcal/person/day. In 2009, that number reached 1,400 … Continue reading “The Tragic Food Waste Tale”