How to eat your Elements

Elements uses freeze-dried technology to bring you the freshest food you can imagine. BUT... if the directions aren’t properly followed, you won’t get the full experience.

Watch this short HOW-TO video to ensure your first eating experience is a good one.


Shake the bag containing your Elements meal to mix the ingredients, as spices tend to settle at the bottom.
Heat 1 cup (8 oz.) of water to boiling. Hot tap water will not do.
Remove the oxygen packet, pour 1 cup hot water in the open bag...
Let the meal rehydrate for a MINIMUM of 12 minutes, turning the bag over and mixing the meal periodically.
Open the meal and take your first bite. If the texture is slightly spongy or crunchy, it may need a few tablespoons of hot water and another minute or two of hydration time.
Enjoy your meal!