Variety 10-Pack

10-pack ($89)

Our most popular meal pack, allowing you to enjoy a sampling of at least 1 of each of our current meals.

NOTE: Extras included based on available inventory.

Why Elements Meals?

We call it Nutritional Liberty™

Take It Anywhere

Airplane, mountaintop, office, car, home, Mars, you get the idea. For the first time, you have access to earth food in a transportable pouch that doesn’t spoil or weigh down your purse, backpack, briefcase, or gym bag.

Your Time, Respected.

You use no time shopping, purchasing, prepping, cooking, or cleaning up. Your daily “nutrition time” is spent doing one thing, EATING world-class food. Period.

You're Ready

No matter what your day throws at you, you rest easy knowing your nutrition is covered.





Quality food Processes

USDA & FDA Inspected

Made in the USA

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Elements Team thanks you for your support and trusting us with your nutrition dollar to provide you world class, high-performance earth food! We are excited to fuel your inner athlete. As a food industry game-changer and innovator, we are keenly interested in your experience with Elements Meals for Athletes. We stand behind our Meals 100% and with you, too.

If you are not completely satisfied with any Elements Meal for any reason, please contact us. We guarantee we will send you a replacement meal of your choice free.